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I had tried everything to get rid of a mysterious skin rash that would cover my face and neck. It would last a few weeks and then dissappear only to return when I least expected. The doctors I went to had no idea what it was and all their medications made no difference. After five sessions in the Infa Red Sauna the rash cleared up and has never returned.
- Sandy Staride, Office Manager

The Infra Red Sauna has cleared up so many physical problems for me in just four sessions that I have added it to my ongoing self-care program. I no longer have ringing in my ears, insomnia, fatigue, and a large cyst on my face is now gone. I sleep through the whole night and I've lost inches from the fat and cellulite literally melting off. I don't remember ever feeling this good.
- PPD Executive


I highly recommend floating for anyone with stress or trouble sleeping. I have both, and after one hour in that tank I slept well that night and was very mellow for days after
- Jay Sharpe

Until you float, you haven't truly relaxed. The tank is dark, warm and you float like a cork, completely free from the gravitational pull so that every tiny muscle can finally let go. Quite unique.
- Thera Storm

I thought I'd be claustraphobic, but once I shut the door and lay back in the warm salt water, I couldn't believe how safe and comfortable I felt. No wonder I fell into a deep sleep.
- Marsha Phelps

Light and Sound

WOW! Your brain has no choice but to relax, deeply and quickly. The combination of the light show and the brain balancing music with the heated massage table and I was off to never never land. In 30 minutes I was a new person.
- Barbara Hein

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