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Drift & Dream

Drift and Dream happened quickly out of necessity. I had been a massage therapist for 27 years, 17 of those years I worked for myself and the last 10 I was in a busy Integrative Medical Clinic where my focus was injury work. I had been toying with the idea of bringing a float tank and an infra red sauna to Wilmington but I was in a very comfortable rut, making good money, semi-retired and learning a lot. Still, I did miss having my own business.

Then it all happened at once as it often does. My Dad had a mild stroke and moved in with me from Texas. After six years, my boyfriend and I had to part ways and the clinic I had been working in was suddenly shut down for investigation. The pressure was on! I sold some stock I had been trying to leave alone and had for ten years. It was now worth $14,000. I had a little in savings, $1,500 and between that and maxing out my credit cards, I was able to buy a float tank, infra red sauna, and rent a small office space. I put everything I had into this little venture. Nine months later I am actually going to break even this month (June 2008). I have a growing team of volunteers that help me keep this place open 7 days a week and for pay they get to use the sauna and tank all they want..

I've been blessed with the expert support from Reggie Shropshire who has been my business coach. He will put you on a fast track to success - for real! Barbara Hein, owner of Natural Awakenings Magazine, who keeps people walking through my door daily with the Great News Briefs she has written about our sevices and the beautiful half-page ad she designed for me. So many people have shown up in the nick of time with just what I needed. This whole experience has certainly been a sacred one. Once more, new life is raised from the ashes. I just pray that I can lean into the next fire with peace in my heart.

Many people are now reducing their stress, relieiving pain and feeling really good again. I get to show people how to stop their world, deeply relax and achieve a mellow happiness that can last for days. What a great job!

Drift & Dream

Drift & Dream

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